Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy, but better...

Finally, through the illness! But very, very busy at work. So many people out for spring break, not to mention in my immediate area two people out for surgeries, those of us left have to cover for other departments. With the layoffs, cutbacks, we're already short-staffed, so have too much to do anyway. I'm thinking of taking a vacation! After everyone gets back and things get kind of back to normal, I may take a week off. It's time for someone to cover for me! :-)

Great discussion this week about the differences in workstyles, i.e. am I a workhorse or a racehorse? And is this a personal choice or something I feel forced into? Obviously, the hardest thing is to learn to say no. Especially when it's made extremely plain that those who do, will keep their jobs. Oh, the woes at work right now. And I know I'm just lucky to still be employed! It's hard to complain, but it's also just wrong that those in upper management feel they can say these things and that's okay. Emotional blackmail.

But we all still keep moving on. And for the better good...

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