Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer! And good friends...

I wonder sometimes how people manage to keep their blogs updated -- or at least, since I'm such a particular speller/grammarian, whatever, how do you update without spending time rewriting? Actually, I've done little of that, but I always want to. It's part of my regular work ethic and it's hard to just throw out what I'm thinking without cleaning it up to make me look more intelligent. ;-)

Ah, well, that's not the meaning of it all, and I know that. So I'll plug along for a while and see how well it goes.

Summer! And elementary school is done. It was emotional, mostly for me. My daughter is excited -- she doesn't really like school and is always anxious for summer. Time to spend each day doing something fun, with friends at her daycare, going to the park, the pool, etc. I want to go back! We never had these opportunities when I was a child, and I want them now. Ha! We did, though, get to wander the extended neighborhood, looking for people to play with, catching frogs down at the swamp, riding our bikes on the trails, sometimes even the neighbor's minibike. We didn't have what our kids have, but we had something different. In some cases better, in others not. :-)

The extra job responsibilities I spoke of earlier have definitely arrived. It's going to be a stretch, but no more of a stretch than for the others in our office. With some layoffs already and possibly more pending, it's not looking good. I can only hope that by taking on the extra work I've managed to avoid the hammer. Certainly can't afford to lose my medical insurance, with my husband's condition and all. We could not even begin to afford his medications without it. So I'll plug on and do the best I can, though there's too much work for even two people! Such is life, and such is life for many more people now. We can't complain, we could be the ones trying to make it on unemployment. Or worse.

Whew! Tomorrow I'm off for a day and a half or so of a little fun with my friends. Headed out of town, I have to be back to work the middle of Monday, so I'm going to cram in some laughter and smiles while I can get them. If that's what I'm looking for, this is certainly the group to get them with! Most of the group have been together 15-20 years, so everyone's really comfortable and we all enjoy each other tremendously. Thank goodness for good friends!

Here's to time off -- limited though it may be -- and good friends!